At PDADESIGN architecture de paysage, our team of professionals specialize in the design and development of custom landscaping projects of any kind and scope. Passionate about landscaping design and committed to customer satisfaction, our team has been helping clients make their dream landscaping come true for more than 20 years.

We bring a fresh new approach to our clients’ projects by designing modern, unique and sustainable surroundings. Our team includes landscape architects, architecture technologists, horticulturists, technicians, designers and 3D artists. They make every effort to meet your needs, taking your wishes, style and budget into consideration. We create impressive outdoor spaces in perfect harmony with the innate connection of humans to their natural environment.

Our team of experts

Martin Ducharme PDA design

Martin Ducharme

Landscape Architect

Guillaume Henry PDA design

Guillaume Henry

Landscape Architect

Stéphanie Lafond PDA design

Stéphanie Lafond

Administrative Assistant

Liette Bellemare PDAdesign

Liette Bellemare

Secondary Administrative Assistant

Marie-André Bertrand PDA design

Marie-André Bertrand

Project Manager
Landscape Architect

Gabrielle Fortin

Gabrielle Fortin

Project Manager
Landscape Architect
Technologist in Architecture

Hugues Pellerin PDA design

Hugues Pellerin

Landscape Architect

Nina Alnukari PDA design

Nina Al-Nukari

Landscape Architect

Abdelkarim Merabet PDA design

Abdelkarim Merabet

Technical Drawer
3D Artist
Graduate in architecture